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tardis-database asked:

Hey, do you have a print for your Night Vale war poster? I'd really like to buy one, and have a few friends who saw the design and would like to do the same. Thanks.

Greetings! I am that happy you like the poster and am so appreciative that you and your friends are willing to purchase a print! Unfortunately, the Welcome to Night Vale creators have made it clear that they don’t want anyone to sell unauthorized Night Vale products, prints, etc. because they provide a free podcast and rely on donations and product / ticket sales to survive.

In short, I do not have a print - sorry!

However, if you think the poster is good enough to be an official print sold legally and with dark blessings from the bloodstone circles of Common Place Books, then consider contacting them and suggesting that they incorporate it into their store [].


Anonymous asked:

Ok I looked Peter Hollens up, you are right, amazing

I am really pleased you are enjoying his work - if I can inform one person then the poster has served its purpose.

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